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Korean Connections for BBC Storyworks and Korean Air

SMK Episode:

Meet Sandra Meynier Kang, founder and designer of ethical dancewear brand SMK. After graduating from the prestigious Parisian fashion institute Atelier Chardon Savard, she moved to her adoptive city of Seoul, where she found the creative inspiration to kick-start her design career.

Dive into her creative universe – from ballet studios and photoshoots to workshops and her favourite fashion districts in the city. A world of femininity and elegance, SMK-style.

Noe Episode:

This Texas-born, Seoul-based photographer is known for his distinctive neon-lit and cyberpunk style, perfectly capturing the twisting alleys and rainy streets of his adopted city. Discover the city through his eyes as we follow him around some of his favourite photography locations in Seoul – from age-old city walls to bustling urban street life.

Chef Episode:

Join Chef Manuel on a culinary journey, balancing flavours from the two sides of his heart – Spain and Korea. After a decade of living in Seoul with his wife and son, his passions are still the same as he focuses on fresh, local ingredients and serving authentic dishes.

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