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Crossland Group Project

Persistent Productions (P2)  will work with The Crossland Group (TCG) to create a series of 

short videos for immediate distribution. The videos will feature Teri Riddle and Kelly Pradhan and 

introduce themes that align with TCG articles.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.22.54

Boss Talk: WSJ

What is This:

This is a series where WSJ sits down with leaders to discuss different aspects of their business. 

Why We Chose This:

 There's a nice informality with the interviewee, access to a thought leader in an authentic way.

Tidy My Money

PW: HeavenSent

What is This:

This is a video that accompanies a financial services tool for one of our clients.

(This is currently not finalized.)

Why We Chose This:

The interviewee shares the personal story that motived her to develop the product. there's an authenticity and direct to audience appeal that we envision the Crossland Conversation videos will have.


What is This:

This is one video of a series that profiles financial analysts that have the CFA qualification.

Why We Chose This:

There are a series of  on-screen graphics that underscore themes in the video. This could be a technique we explore in the TCG series. 

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