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Project Title: Yo-Yo Ma for Songs of Comfort and Hope
About the Project:
We were honored to have the opportunity to film with Yo-Yo Ma as part of the marketing efforts by Sony Masterworks to promote the release of YoYo Ma and Kathryn Stott's new album, Songs of Comfort and Hope. Over the course of two days, we filmed 4 perfectly rendered performances in the seaside town of Rockport, MA at the Shalin Liu Performance Center. 
The project was produced at the height of the COVID pandemic, with full COVID Safety measures in place, we had to develop a production strategy that kept the camera operators and all on set personnel at least 10 feet from the performers at all times - so that meant really thinking about long lenses to capture the performances. We were filming anamorphic for this production, and we went all out by renting anamorphic lenses for each of the three cameras, but since there was a bit of an uptick in production in the Boston area during our production week, we could only get our hands on two 100mm Laowa rehoused anamorphic lenses, so had to settle with the 85mm for the third Arri Alexa. The experience was incredible and difficult and the whole production team is thrilled with the result.   
Project Title: Yo Yo Ma - Six Evolutions; Bach Cello Suites
About thej Project:
Sony Classical is proud to announce the release of Yo-Yo Ma’s new album Six Evolutions – Bach Cello Suites, his third and final recording of these works. Bach and his Cellos Suites entered Yo-Yo Ma’s life when he was four, when he learned the first measure of the Prélude to Suite No. 1 under his father’s instruction. Ma has never lost his initial fascination.

“Bach’s Cello Suites have been my constant musical companions,” Ma writes of the music. “For almost six decades, they have given me sustenance, comfort and joy during times of stress, celebration and loss. What power does this music possess that even today, after three hundred years, it continues to help us navigate through troubled times?”
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